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Presentations and Publications


We are active members of the Land Trust Alliance and the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts and many local and statewide land trusts, and have made presentations at national, regional, statewide and local conferences and for continuing legal education seminars on a variety of topics including:  

    • Current Trends in Conservation
    • Title Review in Land Conservation Transactions
    • Mineral Issues in Land Conservation
    • Conservation Easement Drafting
    • Conservation Transactions
    • Conservation Easements – Lessons Learned
    • Ethical Considerations in Land Conservation
    • Community Land Trusts –Affordability Ground Leases
    • Community Land Trusts – Permanently Affordable Condominium Units

    We have published or participated in articles on a number of real estate topics including:

    • Beezley, Allan. “Real Estate Foreclosures and Federal Tax Liens.” Colorado Lawyer, January, 1988: 35-39.
    • Beezley, Allan. "Rescission, Reformation and Corrective Instruments” in Real Property Practice and Litigation. Ed. Beverly J. Quail.Colorado Springs: Shepard’s/McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1990: 82-98.
    • Henderson, Monica and MaryKay O’Donnell. Acquiring Land and Conservation Easements. Anticipated to be published by the Land Trust Alliance in 2009. Allan served as Peer Reviewer.
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